From concept to the finished product.
Since we have construction capability, we can complete the entire building process from the design concept to the finished product. We have the experience, the resources and the right people to take both large and small projects from initial concept, through the construction documents, to the completed building.
Our projects emphasize quality rather than quantity. Not so large can be better, so that more can be allocated to richer details, higher quality materials and fine craftsmanship instead of large for its own sake.
Our belief is that a building should be built to last, and not just a hastily constructed box decorated with a collection of todays must have cliché’s.
We strive to use the highest quality materials possible while still keeping the budget in mind.
The buildings we create exceed the codes; not just meet the minimum code requirements.

Our projects are constructed the right way, and in many cases; the old tried & true way. We believe that producing special buildings is a team effort and we strive to work only with those tradesmen who agree and approve of this approach.
To this end experienced, mature, tradesmen are selected who take pride in the work they produce. Each and very project receives personal supervision from the design team
during construction.
New Carriage house-work In progress.
Blending the old with the new.
Addition to historic property.
The details are important!
An important reminder:
Using our Design-build approach can save you both
time and money!
The following pages highlight some additional examples of our design-build projects.